Citizens of Live In Life

At Live In Life you can really make your imagination. You can become what you want, work as a postman, hunter, lawyer, drug dealer, coast guard ...

Project Life Usines


No more objects falling from the sky on the Live In Life, there are no shops, you have to make everything, including food and vehicles! That gives endless possibilities to your character!

Project Life Maisons


As each character is unique, hundreds of customization options are available on the Live In Life which varies from home furnishings to your accessories through the materials of your vehicle.

Project Life Autres


All this good content would be useless if we didn't have a proper RP server. Apart from that on the Live In Life, you can rely on a community of mature and passionate players who just want to create new quality interactions. So wait no longer and book your ticket to our Island!


Info coming soon.


The economy is controlled by our players, everything on the Live In Life can be done by yourself.

Arma 3 Project Life Screenshot


At Live In Life you will find content that no other server has. Quality scripts created just by our team give you endless opportunities on our server.


We often update the platforms to take advantage of new scripts and features regularly.